Ali Caldwell Tells the World How it Feels ‘To Be Loved’

Recording artist Ali Caldwell is back with a contiguous new love song, "To Be Loved" co-produced by the songstress and Phil Lewis. Take a listen!

Ali Caldwell provided by PR

Former television star and recording artist Ali Caldwell is back offering up fans a direct look into her pending project with new single, “To Be Loved” co-produced by the R&B songstress and Phil Lewis.

“To Be Loved” is a rather contagious track especially for those who have been fortunate enough to experience love at least time one in their life. The song opens with a array of soft strokes from the piano and just as Caldwell begins to sing it feels as if you are pulled in for a warm hug after a long day with her embracing vocals.

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As the track continues to build the tempo changes slightly adding a sort of pep to your step while layering two part harmonies and background melodies awakening that serves as an activator to the butterflies in your stomach.

“To Be Loved” is essential the play-by-play of the beginning of a fairytale love story! With build ups mimicking the stages of a teenage love affair; innocent, untainted and freeing.

When asked about the inspiration behind the track, Caldwell exclusively tells us, “the inspiration came from putting highlight on LOVE in general. Being able to show the world the results of what it looks like to truly be loved because you personally experience real love on a daily basis, not only from your significant other, but your mother, your father, siblings, and close friends. and if someone doesn’t now what it feels like to be loved hopefully after hearing this song i will guide them to the light of real love,” she continued by adding, “the sound of my upcoming album is very eclectic while still preserving my R&B foundation. Of Course I will give you some heartfelt ballads, some beautiful mid tempos as well as some fun uptempo songs. Each song being very relatable, The fans can expect to feel like their on the best musical rollercoaster ride of their lives.”

Take a listen to Caldwell’s new track below!

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