Thursday, December 14, 2017
Sadé Emoni by Jim Leo

Singer Sadé Emoni Is Stepping Into Womanhood

Budding R&B singer and songwriter Sadé Emoni is the sweetheart of New Jersey's underground music scene. In her youth, the Jersey City native appeared on...
Melody Asherman by Kaila Boulware

Life, Liberty & Liberian Fashion with Designer Melody Asherman

Even in a room full of people it is nearly impossible not to notice fashion designer Melody Asherman! The Newark native's energy is enough...
Marinell Montales by Jose Melgarejo

Marinell Montales of EIGHTY Magazine Refines NJ’s Independent Media Market

Since the birth of New York's media market, neighboring state, New Jersey, has often been overlooked by non-natives. From recording artists to fashion designers,...
Deja L Jones by Korey Carter

Author Deja L. Jones Hits a Home Run with ‘Jack Be...

For years, writer, poet, and published author, Deja L. Jones has quitely lurked in the shadows despite maintaining a rather fruitful career as a...