Exploring Producer and DJ JMR JCBS’ Creative Journey

JMR JCBS by Efeosa Iyalekhue
JMR JCBS by Efeosa Iyalekhue

The creative barriers of entry that once stopped producers from becoming recording artists and vice versa no longer exist. From underground to mainstream, the way fans and curators blindly indulge with innovative sounds is helping creatives shake off their previously appointed labels. New Jersey based producer, DJ and recording artist, JMR JCBS, is a result of this shift. Previously known from his breakout success as a underground DJ in the the Jersey Club music scene, now has the freedom to navigate the waters of being in front of or behind the microphone allowing him to wear many hats.

We had a chance to catch up with JMR JCBS to dicuss his latest single, “4U”, New Jersey’s club music scene, his upcoming performance at the 3rd annual Inspired Artist Movement Conference and more.

New Jersey’s club music scene has recently garnered quite a bit of press spotlighting many of the genre’s pioneers and innovators. However, Jersey Club is not in any stretch of the imagination “a new sound”. What are your thoughts on the outside culture’s late response to Jersey’s sound?

“I think the outside culture is reacting as to how they should be reacting. Jersey club is definetly not a new sound but it’s taking its course as a music genre. Spreading to the point where other cultures and areas are adapting that Jersey Club sound into their music. It’s the same thing with Hip Hop. Hip Hop is a now a Global Sound. Great Music. Great Vibes will always resonate especially when there is a powerful force behind it.”

For a large part of your career you’ve been in the background simply being labeled a producer or DJ. What made you step into the forefront, picking up a mic to lay down vocals? DJ, producer, vocalist… how would you describe yourself as an artist?

“I always tested the idea of me being singing. I was just never fully confident to actually display that talent in the beginning. I was searching for my sound as a multi talented artist. I feel a step closer than where I was before. It definitely took years and sacrifice to get where I am. I also think this a great time to establish myself as a vocal artist because creative expression is now more accepted than what it was before. I would label myself as a Music Artist just to keep it simple.”

You recently released a new electronic single, “4U”. Tell me more about the inspiration behind the track!

“The song was inspired by a recent situation that I was dealing with. A relationship conflict to be exact but regardless of the situation I wanted to tell my lover that I choose to be with her and that she showed me love unlike anyone else. As far as the instrumental I wanted to produce a composition that is current but still alternative.”

You will be performing love on Sunday, October 1st as part of the 3rd annual Inspired Artist Movement Conference! What can attendees expect?!

“I am definitely honored and appreciative to be apart of IAM music conference this is actually my first involvement on a platform as this. And as far as what to expect? A great performance. A side of JMR JCBS people don’t usually see.”

What’s next from JMR JCBS? Full length project? Collaborations?

“These next couple of months be on the lookout for a full length projects instrumentals and songs. Originals DJ mixes. Collaborations with artists and creative brands but first I will be releasing a instrumental/remix project titled PHNK. It should be released very soon. THE VIBES ARE BACK!”

Header image credit belongs to Efeosa Iyalekhue

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