EZRAKH Is Bridging Divinity and Humanity with New Single ‘Deity’

Thread Imprint's EZRAKH is back with a new cross-genre track "Deity", lead single for his forthcoming project, Infinity: Prima Materia. Take a listen!

EZRAKH provided by PR

Multi-disciplinary artist and co-founder of the record label, Thread Imprint, EZRAKH is back with one of his most amalgamative releases to date, Infinity: Prima Materia. I was fortunate enough to listen to the full project before its release. The lead single for the project “Deity” maked its debut to the world this past Friday, January 26th.

The singer, producer and DJ describes the new cross genred track as well as the remainder of the project as “a new wave” and a presentation of “alchemical sensibilities”.

Click the image to stream the full track on Spotify now.

EZRAKH’s use of soulful guitar chords and incorporation of simplistic melodies makes the track easily transportive. The track is a felt experience! With such rustric vocals, “Deity” is an abstract experiment of what happens when you put the raw back in R&B, a genre where the growing trend is be overproduced and overly mastered.  Take a listen to EZRAKH’s new single, “Deity” below.

Infinity: Prima Materia, slated for release on Friday, February 2, 2018, now available for pre-order on all e-music stores including iTunes.

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