OSHUN Can’t Help But to Share Their ‘Blessings on Blessings’

Neo-soul duo OSHUN teams up with frequent collaborator, producer Proda, for new playful single "Blessings on Blessings". Check it out!

OSHUN by Oluwaseye Olusa
OSHUN by Oluwaseye Olusa

Manhattan-based vocalists Niambi Sala and Thandiwe widely known as neo-soul duo OSHUN teams up with frequent collaborator producer Proda for their latest single, “Blessings on Blessings”. The playful Hip-Hop lending song is a creative step outside of the pair’s usual sonic style however the on-trend track is a testament to their ability to compete cross genres. Take a listen!

“Imma be a hybris, you can be a hypebeast
Fighting yourself in you want to
I’mma keep it humble, he call me his bumble
Stay buzzing at my feet, calling me his queen bee”

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