Palm Announces New Album ‘Rock Island’ + Shares First Single


Carpark Records’ Palm announce their new album, Rock Island. On Rock Island, their second LP, Palm produces evidence of a distinct musical language, developed over time, in isolation, and out of necessity.

On the island, melodies are struck on what might be shells or spines. Rhythms are scratched out, swept over, scratched again. Individual instruments, and sometimes entire sections, skip and stutter. There is the sense of a music box with wonky tension or a warped transmission in which all the noise is taken for signal.

When asked about their forthcoming album the band rep said, “[we’re] very hyped to announce that Palm’s new album, Rock Island, is due out February 9th. The band has given us a taste of their new progression with ‘Pearly,’ the first track from the LP.”

For official pre-order date stay connected Palm across all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You won’t want to miss Palm live at Elsewhere in Brooklyn for two shows on Wednesday, November 15th and Thursday, November 16th!